Conference table with built-in and pull up cool box

This product is designed for the use in representative rooms and its purpose is to contribute to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for negotiations and discussions.

The box is made of stainless steel and can be built-in into tables of very different shapes. Its functionality lies in a stable cooling of drinks to a desired temperature; for a pulled in box we recommend the temperature of 5 - 7 °C. The whole content of the cool box can be impressively lifted up to the upper desk of the conference table by means of a remote control device. The whole process of this impressive pulling out and in is associated with light effects, which can be selected in accordance with client's needs and wishes (the lights can shine continuously and/or flash in different intervals). The bottom of the cool box and its pulling body is made of unbreakable glass. This product can be delivered in two variants - either rounded or rectangular - according to the shape of the conference table.
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