Stainless grill with an electric drive

This product is suitable above all for grilling of pigs, piglets and lambs but it is also suitable for barbecue garden parties and grilling of chicks, gyros and many other types of meal - just according to wishes, fantasy and taste of your guests.

If you have already grilled, you probably know how difficult and troublesome this activity is: you must turn the grill; you must change its height above the fireplace etc. To help you to eliminate these problems, we offer you our ELECTRIC DRIVEN STAINLESS GRILL.
Its advantages consist above all it a continuous turning of the barbecue due to an electric drive. Its other advantages involve an easily adjustable height of forks, an easy handling thanks to rolls, a separate source of light, and a casing, which improves air circulation when grilling pigs and protects the gilled material against the wind and weather effects. The design and the durability of this product are also very good.
We believe that the purchasing of this product will be a good investment for you and that it will help you to save the effort during a long-term grilling so that you will enjoy much more this social event. .
In case that you are at least a little interested in this offer don‘t hesitate and contact us immediately. We will come to your place and will make you familiar with all its functions free of charge.
We also can lend you this grill for a fee of 52,-EUR per day (without VAT and transportation costs).
Technical data:
Width 1,200 mm x depth 650 mm x height (to the fireplace edge) 830 mm
These dimensions can be modified according to the client's wishes
Total height with the casing is 1,550 mm
The height of forks is adjustable. Electric motor with a gearbox: 220V- 4 to 6 rev./min
This grill can be easily disassembled for transportation.

Price - 1.900,-EUR (without VAT), discounts in case of buying several pieces

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