About us

The company ZAKOVO s.r.o. can be characterised as a small business unit. Its scope of activities covers mechanical engineering and locksmithery. The company was established through a change of a natural person „LUBOMÍR ZAHRADNÍK", which existed already in 1994, to the legal entity ZAKOVO s.r.o.
The legal status of the company was changed in 2000, mainly due to its prospective growth and a steep increase in lucrative orders, which were required predominantly by Czech clients. This resulted also in an increase in the number of employees.
The change from the natural person to a legal entity showed a very positive effect both on the development of the company and its financial situation.
One of the main advantages of the company is a completeness of deliveries: everything is being manufactured in our facilities and we are also able to install completely our products in the place of delivery.
The technical standard of manufacturing facilities and machinery is very good and the management of the company pays great attention of its maintenance and also to innovations.
The results of the company ZAKOVO s.r.o. are good and it belongs to successful and flourishing firms. Our best advertisement is the quality of our products and full satisfaction of our customers.

ZAKOVO s.r.o.